Sunday, November 25, 2007


Thanksgiving was nice especially since I am now officially in my new apartment. I got the keys on Wednesday, the 21st and moved my few things in. Went shopping on Friday and got lots of stuff for the kitchen. My son loaned me a couch to sleep on and a coffee table. Frank from downstairs loaned me a TV and I have my computer. It will take time but I am beginning to get myself settled down in my own place with my own things and peace and quite. I have not heard from my husband so I know that I will have to call or write to see if he filed the divorce papers. It is scary when I do not get a call on my cell phone even though I do not answer them. I said before when the call shows up at least I know where he is. My mood has improved and I am sleeping better. Things are definitely looking up. Thanks to God for that.


Shadow said...

you have officially started your 'new' life. and a better one at that! well done dear sylvia!

pat said...

terrific news, my friend.